If you'd like to distinguish computer folders in which you store your tardigrade-related files, you can use our water bear icons.

Please note that all the icons displayed below are exclusive to the Tardigrada Newsletter, are provided for private use only and they cannot be used on any other websites.

If not stated otherwise, icons by Lukasz Michalczyk.

Tardigrade icons for your folders

First, you need to download the icon files (right click on the image and save the .ico file onto your computer). Then, copy the .ico file to the system folder which contains all icon files (in Windows the folder is located under C:\WINDOWS\system32). Finally, you have to open your tardigrade folder's properties (right click on the folder), open the 'customize' tab and then click the 'change icon' button, choose the .ico file you want, and you're done :-)

Macrobiotus marlenae (adult)

Paramacrobiotus magdalenae (egg)

Echiniscus madonnae (adult)

Our animated icon
(big thanks to Damian Kosiński for his help with animation)









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