Because we wouldn't like you to get bored with the graphics on our website, from time to time we replace the original Tardigrada Newsletter banner with one of those that you can find below. The logo water bear is an adult of Macrobiotus marlenae.

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The original Tardigrada Newsletter banner
(in case you forgot what it looks like... :-)

Season banners and banners for special occasions

Winter 2004/2005

Summer 2005

The First Birthday (01.11.2005)

Winter 2005/2006

Summer 2006

Autumn 2006

The Second Birthday (01.11.2006)

Winter 2006/2007

Summer 2007

Autumn 2007

The Third Birthday (01.11.2007)
Joanna Ganczarek)

Winter 2007/2008

The Fifth Birthday (01.11.2009)
Joanna Ganczarek)

Winter 2009/2010
Joanna Ganczarek)

The XI International Symposium on Tardigrada
(Germany, August 2009)

The XII International Symposium on Tardigrada
(Portugal, July 2012)

The Tenth Birthday (01.11.2014)


The XIII International Symposium on Tardigrada
(Italy, June 2015)


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