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Tardigrade Species List

A list of all described Tardigrada species prepared and updated regularly by Peter Degma, Roberto Bertolani & Roberto Guidetti.
   Tardigrade DNA
Tardigrade nucleotide sequences in GenBank.
Assembled genome of Hypsibius exemplaris G¹siorek, Stec, Morek & Michalczyk, 2018 (previously misidentified as Hypsibius dujardini).

Fauna Europaea

A list of European tardigrades and their distribution.
FUNCRYPTA is a tardigrade project which objectives are:
(a) to identify genes, enzymes and their products, whose value for stabilizing cells has been documented, on entering, during and after the anhydrobiotic stage in tardigrades,
(b) to relate known dynamic cellular procedures during the anhydrobiotic stage in order to understand the background of anhydrobiotic changes, and
(c) to develop mathematical methods to understand and quantify mechanisms, dynamics and driving forces of anhydrobiosis in order to predict changes and to provide a scientific baseline for further investigation and development of products required to stabilize cells.

Gebhard Kraft's Tardigrada page 

Lots of Tardigrada links.

Goldstein Lab

People at the University of North carolina (USA) who are are developing a tardigrade species as a new model system for studying how the evolution of developmental mechanisms can alter animal morphology.

Tardigrades in iDigBio

A digital image depository funded by the US NSF. Contains numerous images of American tardigrade specimens.

Key to tardigrade genera

A web-based picture key to most common tardigrade genera. Good for kids and novice tardigradologists. The website by Karen Lindahl & Susie Balse contains also a few more sections on tardigrades.

Marine Tardigrade Interactive Map

An interactive map of marine tardigrade species of the world wich was first published in Kaczmarek et al. (2015), but it is updated regularly by Paul Bartels to include all known marine species and all published records for each. There are three views available: row view (like a spreadsheet), card view, and map view. Subsets of the data can be displayed using the filter function, where species occurrences can be filtered by any variable in the dataset (country, ocean, species, etc.). Note that the map can only display one record when multiple records occur at the same latitute/longitude. To see all records, use the filter tool in row or card view. Each occurrence in the map is clickable and this results in a popup window showing an image of the species and select information about habitat, substrate, etc.

Martin Mach's Monthly Journal on Tardigrada

A collection of interesting photos and short movies with live tardies. German version of the web also available.

Mike Shaw's Tardigrada page 

Plenty of tardigrade links.

News and Requests on Tardigrada Biology 

A page maintained by Nigel Marley. You can post there any news and requests concerning Tardigrada.

PathFinder Science

Basic info on tardigrades, including collection and preservation methods.
Tardi Bears
A facebook page ran by £ukasz Kaczmarek. Contains some funny and also less serious stuff about tardigrades ;-)
A wiki platform for all public-domain papers on Tardigrada created by Gary Grothman.
Tardigrade Analyzer
A web-based comprehensive tool, especially designed for Tardigrade genome and proteome analysis.

Tardigrada in ITIS

The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) was established in the mid-1990's as a cooperative project among several federal agencies to improve and expand upon taxonomic data (known as the NODC Taxonomic Code) maintained by the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
The ITIS mission is to create a scientifically credible database of taxonomic information, placing  primary focus on taxa of interest to North America, with world treatments included, as available.

Tardigrade Reference Centre

A very large database of tardigrade literature back to the XVIII century.
Website by William R. Miller.

Tardigrade Song

A nice tardigrade song by Cosmo Sheldrake.

Tardigrades In Space (TARDIS)

Tardigrades In Space or "TARDIS" is the first research project to evaluate the ability of tardigrades to survive under open space conditions. TARDIS is one of the projects within the Biopan-6 research platform provided by European Space Agency (ESA), and will be sent into space with the russian FOTON-M3 mission.
Website by Ingemar K. Jonsson.

Terje Meiers Tardigrade World

Nearly 2000 tardigrade literature references.

Water Bear song

If you follow the link you'll find lyrics and the .mp3 file with the Water Bear song by Mal Webb.

Wikipedia on Tardigrada

Tardigrades in Wikipedia, in over 30 languages.








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